You can use the workbook in its entirety or select individual modules or activities that are applicable to your lesson plans.

The interactive notebook has five distinct modules, and each module contains a range of information and processing activities, including links to outside digital resources, Did You Know articles, and informative videos. It is possible that some links will not function; if so, try to find an alternative or skip the activity. Teachers can choose to use all four modules, individual modules, or even specific activities from different modules.  

The interactive notebook can be provided to students in either print or .pdf formats, and students can do their written work in response to the activities in Google Docs or in hard copy notebooks or composition books.  

Teachers should feel free to adapt these activities to their current teaching context and style. Many of the writing prompts can be used as discussion questions, and some of the activities can be turned into small group or whole class activities. There are many ways to condense the materials, and not every activity has to be completed for students to learn important content.  

Consider these materials to be like a “choose your own adventure” for teaching. Select the content and activities that will most benefit your students and jump in! Please adapt and alter the ideas and make it work for you and your students!

Teacher Guides:

Module 1
The Brain and Nervous System

Module 2
What is Pain

Module 3

Module 4
The Opioid Crisis

Module 5
Being a Part of the Solution and Taking Action